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Why GTM?

Learn why so many businesses rely on GTM.

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Cloud Solutions

Cloud Services, solving your business challenges.

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Managed IT Services

Let us help free your IT department from necessary, time-consuming tasks so you can focus on other business initiatives.

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Carrier and Bandwidth Services


Across our 100+ carrier contracts we have a 100% track record for lowering costs and increasing bandwidth speeds

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IoT and LED Lighting


Intelligent lighting consultations.

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We are currently offering complimentary network audits for all potential new clients. Our team can evaluate your current network and provide a health audit to make you aware of any bottlenecks, security risks, data loss, or downtime.

Are you secure?

Our team can perform a multitude of tests and audits on your existing infrastructure to evaluate your security. Penetration testing, vulnerability scanning, and program update checks are just some of the services we can provide.

Free consultation

We offer a lot of solutions and services and it can sometimes overwhelming to know where to start. Schedule some time with one of our technical consultants and we can help you through the process.

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“We have worked with the GTM team for years regarding our telecom needs.  As a growing business with multiple locations it was a hard task managing our expense and bandwidth needs.  GTM made that process simple.  They make managing  voice and data contracts easy and make sure we get the best value as we expand.  I highly recommend GTM for all of your Telcom needs.”

- Boxer Company

Brentwood, TN

“GTM for years has handled our connectivity and bandwidth needs while providing the best pricing.  When our IT department was overwhelmed we reached out to them for a Help Desk solution.  This was a very good decision as now we utilize our new offsite help desk for ordinary task and network monitoring which saves us more time and money.”

- Dynamic Systems

Denver, CO

“I was referred to GTM when I was searching for a data center and SD WAN solutions across our network of 20 offices.  They put together a solution that exceeded all expectations and saved us an incredible amount of time and money.  They are highly recommended.”

- Patronic

Atlanta, GA

Why GTM?

With internet bandwidth and data applications playing an increasingly important role in your business, selecting the right carrier network or solutions provider to support those applications is critical. There is a need for a technology centered marketplace for agents and customers to find expert consultation when searching for business solutions. GTM consists of leaders in IT, Telecom, and Cloud services. We specialize in Auditing, Consulting, Implementing and managing our customer’s IT and Telecommunication services. GTM represents over 200 technology service providers, allowing our clients and partners to save time and money when searching for business technology solutions.  

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