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Cloud Services

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Every organization needs to focus on creating differentiated, personalized customer experiences. The way to do that is to act on all information no matter where it's located. Capitalizing on all that data requires a new approach to integration. Whether you want a public cloud, a private/ secure cloud model in a specific datacenter, a hybrid cloud, or a combination of all of these, or just want to learn about your options, we have the tools and expertise to make the cloud work for you. The GTM Partner network has dozens of proven cloud providers ranging from world-wide hosting giants to locally owned and operated private cloud centers.

For businesses, cloud computing works in a different manner than the individual user or small office, with big cloud computing service providers like Amazon, Microsoft, Google, and Rackspace, amongst others, offering a number of cloud backup services and network management options. Shifting from traditional IT management methods to a cloud network management has a number of interesting benefits, particularly when it comes to the bottom line. Implementing a cloud system can help reduce capital expenses of business significantly in a number of ways. Contact us so we can consult on how to help now.