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IoT and LED Lighting

Increase Efficiency

GTM Partners is a Master Dealer for a distribution and consulting firm specializing in state of the art Commercial and Residential LED lighting solutions.

Our approach with our clients is simple, R.O.I. (Return On Investment). GTM provides wholesale-type pricing and financing options so our clients can install LEDs and immediately start spending less money per month than they were with Incandescent or Fluorescent bulbs. In many cases our clients can see a full return in less than 2 years, providing 8 – 13 years of worry free operation and pure bottom line profit.

Our quality is unmatched. While LEDs are not a new technology the rapid improvements being made can only be compared to that of cell phone technology. There are several manufacturers around the world, all with different products, technology, pricing, and delivery methods. Every manufacturer also inherently produces a broad range of quality LEDs vs. inferior LEDs available to be purchased. The very nature of manufacturing this technology is so precise and volatile that even strong winds blowing outside the factory could degrade or potentially even render the entire line of product worthless. Our chips are hand selected by experts that make site visits to personally inspect every chip produced before they are selected for use. Our lights come with a 5 – 10 year/50,000 – 100,000 hour warranty.

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