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In today's world, computer networks are the life-blood of successful businesses and subsequently, servers are the heart. We rely heavily on the stability of our systems. For this reason, it is imperative we leverage experience and permanence when it comes time to upgrade to the latest hardware and technologies. The GTM network has extensive experience with taking a Physical server and migrating it to a Virtual machine (P2V). We also have ample experience with Physical to Physical (P2P), Virtual to Virtual (V2V), and Virtual to Physical (V2P). This flexibility allows your company to quickly migrate your business work-flow servers from older equipment onto new equipment with less downtime and less end user issues. When doing a major migration or just a simple move, entrusting GTM Partners provides the peace of mind every business owner deserves.

Virtualizing servers definitely provides mobility and functionality but with the growing reliance on technology, many companies may wish to leverage technologies like SANs to ensure continuity.

Does your company basically have a 100% uptime requirement? Would your company collapse if your data was lost? Companies who can answer "yes" to either of these questions could greatly benefit by moving their infrastructure into a Storage Area Network. SAN solutions offer an abundance of redundancy and fault tolerance for your data. The GTM network has extensive experience in SAN design for multiple server access whether it be by way of iSCSI or Fiber Channels. GTM Partners has designed many custom SAN solutions—all of which are different and tailored specifically to the business needs of each company. When designing SAN solution for your clients GTM utilizes EMC, Hitachi, Dell, HP, Brocade, Cisco, Intel, and QLogic to name a few. Our diverse knowledge paired with our uniformed business practices make GTM Partners the number one option for Storage Area Network design.

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